Thursday, 11 January 2018

Officially now part of the White Van Brigade

Here at Quilt Sandwich, we have now taken the plunge and purchased a super van to use for the Quilt Shows such as Festival of Quilts, Great Northern Quilt Show and others.

Up until now we have been hiring one each time however, our product range of Extra Wide Fabric has proved so popular amongst Quilters that we have booked for many more Quilt Shows.

Extra Wide Fabric
The last occasion we hired, was rather stressful.

We made the journey down to Hull to collect it and when we got there, Hertz said they didn't have our booking!  We only made it three weeks early with them direct when we took the van back after Festival of Quilts.

Of course they didn't have a van available and to be honest, they could not be bothered to help locate one. We had to return back to Bridlington without a van and hit the internet to find one for the next morning.  Luckily we managed to find one for the next day and we managed to catch up and get our fabric to the show.Extra Wide Fabric

So yesterday, we collected our brand new van, a wonderful Peugeot Boxer, and took it to our signwriters for signing. Here are a few pics

Quiltsandwich Van

Quilt Sandwich will be at the following shows in 2018  -  

Newark - 19-21st Jan

 Edinburgh - 16-18th Feb

Harrogate 23-25th Feb

 Duxford 2-4th March

 Glasgow 8-11 March

Festival of Quilts @ NEC Birmingham 9-12th Aug

 Harrogate 31st Aug - 2nd Sept 

 Malvern 19-21st Oct

Springfields 7-8th Dec

Of course all our extra wide fabric is available in our online shop too here - 

A Super New Website

A super new website for quilters has been launched.  is going to be a fantastic resource for all quilters. It started with a  facebook group of the same name around four years ago and this group today has over 13000 members.

I am lucky to be one of the guest bloggers for this new website and below is a copy of my first blog for the site.


Quilt Sandwich Royal Hotel Bridlington
So as this is my fist blog post I would like to introduce myself. 
I am Fiona Garth and together with my husband Tim we own and run The Royal Bridlington hotel where for many a year now we have run Patchwork and Quilting Retreats, offer a Longarm Quilting Service and through our website and at Quilt Shows throughout
the UK we are the purveyors of the largest range of Extra Wide Backing Fabrics in the UK.

My interest in sewing has extended right back to a very early age when I used to sew alongside my aunt. I got a brand new sewing machine for my 10th Birthday.  It was a Singer with lots of fancy stitches on discs.  I soon started making clothes for my Mum and I would often come home from school to find fabric and a request for a dress for the next day!

Approximately 10 years ago my Mum once again surprised me with a new sewing machine.  This time it was a Janome 11000 which came with a quilting kit.  I had never made a quilt, so I ordered a book from the internet then later the fabrics and I made a quilt. This got me hooked.  Tim’s ‘cousin’ offered to come down to Bridlington to provide some advice and so the Patchwork courses began.  We got a group of ladies together and Susan Briscoe provided a three day retreat for us all and then the acorn was planted and the Oak tree started to grow.

Innova Longarm QuiltingFrom this one course we now run well over a couple of dozen retreats / workshops per year both out of season, winter through to spring and also in the summer months.

Like most quilters, I thought I would just quilt my own tops, but my pile of UFO’s soon grew with the workshops and the other students likewise. I would rather make a new top than battle with a large quilt under my machine – its hard on the eyes and shoulders.  We decided to invest  in a Longarm Quilting Machine and after much research we chose an ABM Innova 26 inch with Lightening Stitch & computer (affectionately  known as Rodney & DelBoy!)  We flew out to Utah for extensive training – but I will tell you much more about this later.   Of course with the growth of the Longarm side of our business we then identified the need for Extra Wide Fabric and we now also import specially made extra wide  traditional batik direct from Java.

All in all over the last 10 years we have had a massive learning curve but at the same time we have had some wonderful experiences and met some amazing and talented people from all around the world – although none of this was in the original business plan!

Over the next series of Blogs I will be telling you all lots more about our journey from the early days to the current day.  Indeed I would also love to tell you about my latest venture into the world of teaching for a local Charity, The Hinge Centre, as their Arts and Crafts Coordinator providing Arts and Crafts for therapy and development to all sectors of the community.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Festival of Quilts 2017

Festival of Quilt 2017

This year we have decided to take the plunge and have a stand at Festival of Quilts. This was a massive gamble as not only is the stand extortionately expensive, but we also needed accommodation for six nights and van hire.

FOQ uses the shell system for the stands - which I must say is superb. Its much better than having a stand immediately behind you and just the invisible demarkation line between.  Indeed at Malvern, the stand behind kept collapsing on top of ours due to the ground being on a slope in the marquee!

We collected and loaded the van on Tue then traveled down to our accommodation on Wed.  We like to go self catering when doing a show as there is just a bit more room to spread out and relax.  We stayed on an equestrian farm situated in lovely countryside.

Our cottage overlooked the menage where lessons were held each day.  Behind our cottage there was a large car parking area bordered by the chickens and opposite the horses stables and barns.

Towards the bottom of the farm, there were large fishing lakes where people could pay for a rod and fish and then beyond this was the space they used for wedding marquees for their wedding business.

It was lovely and relaxing to visit the horses on an evening and we stocked up on carrots and polos for them.  After a couple of days, they got to expect us visiting them - lol.

Wednesday was a long hard day spent setting up our Quilt Sandwich Stall at the NEC.

 Quilt Sandwich - The biggest range of extra wide fabric in the UK

We really enjoyed working the show and meeting quilters from far and wide and all over the world.

The downside was that we didn't really get chance to have a good look round and the stall where I wanted to make purchases were not there early enough in the mornings!

Here are just a few quilts which I managed to snap -

Brigit Schuller - The Sprinter

 Annalise Littlefair - The Trouble with Magenta - hot or not

Mary Palmer & Ann Kiely - Tidings

 Jacqueline Harvey - Silvery Threads

 Philippa Naylor - Measure for Measure

 Friday Frolics - The Four Seasons

This one was started on retreat here at Quilt Sandwich on a retreat with Claudia Pfeil

 Paradox by Claudia Pfeil

Sunday came all too soon and then after the show we had to pack it all back into the van, although there was a great deal less fabric than when we set off!

We arrived back at our farm exhausted and sat down to dinner at 10.30pm!

The next day, after a farewell visit to the horses we headed off home.

Friday, 2 June 2017

FREE TICKETS For Festival of Quilts

I Have 8 free tickets for Festival of Quilts 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham

Simply place an order of over £30 via our website here

 - or via the phone if you don't like ordering on line (tel 01262 672433) & add a FREE TICKET to your basket.

Quilt Sandwich will be at FOQ this year and has the largest range of Extra Wide Fabrics in the UK - SO remember to bring your tops/blocks/swatches to match up for your backing fabrics.

We will also be launching more of our own QS Batik Fabrics - another 30 will be be arriving in time for FOQ, making the QS Range now 50 different traditional Indonesian Batiks all extra wide (110 inches)

If your order is under £30 and you add a ticket - you will not receive one.
If you add more than one ticket to a £30+ order, you will just receive one.
Tickets will not automatically be added - so make sure you pop one in the basket if you want one.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Batik Fabric produced especially for Quilt Sandwich

We are really excited - we have placed our next order for some more extra wide batik fabric.

This is being specially produced for us in Java using traditional methods. We have ordered 30 new designs / colours to add to our existing QS Batik range of 20 designs.

Here are some photos showing the actual fabric in production.

Batik Fabric Production for Quilt Sandwich

QS Batik Fabric

Quilt Back

Extra Wide Fabric

Batik Stamping

Stamping Batik

QS Batik Fabric

QS Tie Die fabric

Batik fabric drying in the sun

Batik Fabric washing

batik production

drying batik fabric

This really interesting video shows the full production method by this factory.

The Batik Process

When all our fabrics are ready, they will leave the factory in Java and head to the UK via container ship and this will journey will take around 5 to 6 weeks.

The new fabrics will certainly be here in time for Festival of Quilts in August and will be in our on line shop here  as soon as they arrive.Quilt Sandwich has the largest range of extra wide fabric / Quilt backs in the UK.